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Common questions about hypnosis

• Can anyone be hypnotised

Yes.In fact we experience hypnosis several times a day.Day dreaming and just before you fall asleep.

• Can I be made do something against my own will

NO.You will be in full control and totally aware.It is really self hypnosis guided by the therapist.As you are fully aware if you hear anything that is against your beliefs,ethics you can simple reject them.

• Will I put on weight after quitting smoking

Usually not. Modern hypnosis deals with effective ways to conquer cravings.People who put on weight just substitute smoking for eating or some other unhealthy substitute.By replacing smoking with healthy hypnotic techniques the cycle can be broken.You are not born a smoker.Hypnosis aims to help you get your body back to its natural state.

• What does hypnosis feel like

Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness.You will feel very relaxed and be in a state of tranquillity.It is very similar to enjoying a nice daydream. So the state of hypnosis is a familiar feeling to all of us.It is perfectly safe[100%].And something we do naturally on a daily basis.You can open your eyes at anytime.You don't lose control. Infact you gain control. Sometimes you may go really deep.sometimes go may go into light  trance.What ever level your mind/body needs at that moment is the right level.It is not some magical zonked out state.Clients often really enjoy very deep states of relaxation.This is clinical hypnosis,not stage hypnosis.Stage hypnosis is where a lot of the myths about hypnosis comes from.With stage hypnosis the volunteer is totally under[somnambulistic state].Only 10%of people go that deep straight away.But for clinical hypnosis being that deep is unhelpful.You go to therapy to gain control,not lose it.Once you close your eyes you focus on the subconscious mind.Often referred to as focused attention.In trance you can access the subconscious where your beliefs and habits are.Trance helps to bypass the "critical factor" so powerful suggestions can be directed deep into the subconscious.


• Hypnosis is not a magic wand

What I mean by this.Sometimes hypnosis is so effective it may seem like magic.But its therapy similar to other types of therapy.I help the client to help themselves.Hypnosis facilitates change.Its still down to the client.Every body responds differently.And at a different rate.What takes one client one session to do,may take another client 3 sessions to achieve . Im sure you can appreciate what Im saying. 

• Can only weak willed people be hypnotised

On the contrary.While everybody can be hypnotised,those who respond better are people with active minds and willing to use their imagination. This is not stage hypnosis. In stage shows people are willing participants.The stage hypnotist picks people who they feel are more willing to play the fool on stage and ignores those who aren't .This is where the myth that only some people can be hypnotised comes from. Members Of the I.C.H.P are fully qualified psychotherapists and in fact are not allowed to perform on stage.Stage hypnosis is a different thing altogether. We are therapists and are trained in the workings of human behaviour ,they are using hypnosis for fun .Many of the myths about hypnosis come from stage hypnosis.Hypnosis is a natural state that we fall into several times a day.Everybody can be hypnotised.You will feel fully aware. Infact hypnosis is often called focused attention.

  • What techniques are used.

           It is integrated psychotherapy. Using many different techniques from many styles of therapy. Classical hypnosis, Modern hypnosis, Suggestion therapy, NLP ,CBT, Guided imagery ,Mindfulness, Positive Psychology, Regression therapy. Kinetic energy, EFT,


HOW MUCH DOES IT COST. 80 Euro per session except Stop Smoking session 150 Euro.[190 euro for Two sessions]

one off session 90 Euro


Cancellation Policy All appointments are subject to 48hrs cancellation/rescheduling. Failure to do so will be subject to 20 Euro fee.

Failure to turn up to appointment will be charged at full rate.

I understand people sometimes don't like paying cancellation fees.But this facilitates me to run a professional full time hypnotherapy practice. It also creates a structure for the client and promotes commitment to their therapy.

Stop Smoking 150 Euros [one session]  Two sessions for 190 Euro. This can be very effective. 

The biggest myth about hypnosis is that you lose control .That its mind control.That you are under the power of the hypnotist.Of course this comes from watching a stage hypnotist.They pick whats called the somnambulist.The person that goes really deep.Only 5 to 8% of population go that deep.This is needed to make the volunteer act like a clown.But for majority of the population,hypnosis is experienced like deep relaxation .Very similar to day dreaming.You are fully aware,but not fully awake.So this enables a pathway to your subconscious.As hypnosis is becoming more accepted in the mainstream as a powerful psychotherapy treatment.This myth will vanish.

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